Who is stealing propane tanks?

Lock blocks valve, provides another method to secure individual tanks. Since June of last year, there have been at least a dozen incidents of theft of retail propane cylinders from storage cages at convenience stores, gas stations and supplier depots. From Orange County, Calif., to Augusta, Ga., law enforcement is puzzled about the thefts. Typical.   Read More »

Overcoming the Threat of the Bump Key: Protecting Your Self-Storage Facility From This Theft Device

Over the last five years, a device called the “bump key” has surfaced in the media of specialized industries as well as mainstream media. Not only has it been mentioned in locksmith magazines and bulletin boards (especially those frequented by “lock hackers”), it was featured in several local newscasts and even mentioned on the USA.   Read More »

Focus on Security: Taking Control

Secure destruction professionals may want to consider offering their clients a variety of key control options that correspond with their security needs. Is document shredding a recycling or a security operation? Many companies merely want to dispose of piles of paper, but for many businesses, especially in the retail, legal, medical and research industries, there.   Read More »

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